Sometimes brow lamination can go wrong, but it's not the end of the world. There are remedies that can help the situation.
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Brow Lamination Gone Wrong: How to Spot and Fix a Bad Eyebrow Lamination

Eyebrow lamination is a trending beauty treatment that aims to deliver thick, lush, and perfectly positioned brows without the need of makeup and tweezers. But what happens when the quest for runway-ready arches leads to a less-than-ideal outcome? From wonky waves to unintended over-processing, a brow lamination gone wrong can leave you seeking swift solutions.

Can brow lamination look bad? Absolutely. Common indicators include uneven textures, excessive curling, or brows that resist any sort of shape. If this has happened, fret not; mishaps are usually fixable.

Fixing a Bad Eyebrow Lamination

To address a subpar brow lamination, first, understand the nature of the issue. If your eyebrows have gone curly or look over-processed, it’s possible that the chemical solution was left on for too long.

You should avoid brow lamination treatment if you are using retinol or chemical exfoliants on your face as this can cause the skin a burn.
Fortunately, there are ways to address a botched eyebrow lamination, ranging from home remedies to professional solutions:

  1. Gently cleanse your eyebrows – If your brows feel too stiff or are stuck in an unwanted position, try gently cleansing them with a mild, oil-free soap or cleanser to relax the hold. Use upward strokes to reshape them gently.
  2. Apply nourishing oils – Over-processed eyebrows might benefit from the regular application of nourishing oils like castor oil. This natural treatment can help restore moisture and support eyebrow hair health.
  3. Eyebrow conditioning treatments – Invest in a high-quality eyebrow conditioner or serum, which can help mitigate damage and encourage healthy regrowth. 
  4. Comb and trim if necessary – If your brow hairs have become unruly or overly curly, combing them into shape while applying a brow gel for hold can be helpful. Trimming should be done with caution; if unsure, seek professional assistance.
  5. Consider a new brow lift treatment with conditioning keratin nourishment at the end – In some cases, redoing the treatment, but with shorter processing time can help correct the shape of over-curled or misdirected hairs. Proceed with caution, as it can potentially cause further damage to the eyebrows. Make sure you ask a brow lamination specialist to assess your eyebrows and perform the treatment.
  6. Let your brows grow out – In some instances, time is the best healer. Allow your brows to grow out naturally, which can take several weeks, and avoid further chemical treatments during this period.
  7. Allergic reactions and skin care – If you experience an allergic reaction, cease all treatments and consult with a dermatologist for targeted care. To soothe eczema resulting from lamination, use hypoallergenic skincare products recommended by a professional.
  8. In case of a chemical burn, ice your eyebrows and see a doctor or a pharmacist as soon as possible.
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Brow Lamination Recovery

Do brows go back to normal after lamination? The good news is that even the most alarming lamination results are not permanent. In some months, brows will revert to their natural state as the hair cycles through its growth phases. If you’re wondering, “Can I trim my eyebrows after lamination?” a light trim may indeed help to tame any unruly hairs, but be cautious not to overdo it. Better brush your eyebrows gently sideways and if needed, use a brow soap or gel to fix them in place.

Handling Lamination Overprocessing

If your brows look overly processed, resist the urge to retreat immediately. Can you redo brow lamination straight away? It depends on the condition of your eyebrows, but is usually not recommended. Redoing the process too soon can lead to increased damage. Instead, focus on nurturing your follicles with castor oil or brow repair treatments such as serums.

What Can Ruin Brow Lamination?

Several factors can ruin brow lamination. Mistakes vary from incorrect timing of the lamination solutions to insufficient aftercare. Even everyday activities like steamy showers or facial treatments can impact the longevity of your brow lamination. If the errors are not egregious, you can employ simple fixes like moisturising with oils or altering your grooming routine to accommodate your newly sensitive brow skin.

Can a DIY Brow Lamination Go Wrong?

DIY brow lamination kits are becoming very popular and they are a wonderful and easy way to achieve salon quality brow lamination results at home for the fraction of the cost of a salon procedure. But be mindful that brow lamination is a chemical process and you should always carefully follow the instructions and correct timings in order to get perfect and safe results. If you’ve had a DIY mishap, step away from the home kit and consult a professional to discuss your best course of action.

Preventing Brow Lamination Side Effects

It’s crucial to understand the possible side effects of brow lamination:

  • Inflamed and reddish skin.
  • Itching sensation and skin shedding beneath the brow line.
  • Puffiness in the area that was treated.

Such symptoms could indicate an allergic reaction or eczema. Strategic prevention includes conducting a patch test 24 hours before undergoing the treatment or ensuring the procedure is carried out by a qualified professional who uses only high quality products in order to minimise any risks.

The Journey to Recovery

Remember, if you encounter any adverse results, there are ways to coax your brows back to beauty. Oils, serums, and conditioners can be your best friends during this time.

From what to do when brow lamination mistakes take place, to how to navigate the aftercare waters, visit us regularly for updated insights. With the right knowledge and tools, you can have wonderfully luscious and sleek eyebrows in no time.

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