Frequently Asked Questions

What is lash lift?

Lash Lift is an upgraded version of the lash perm treatment.

Lash perm was introduced to the beauty industry in the early 2000’s.

During the lash perm treatment, special lash rollers are used. Their size is chosen based on the length of the eyelashes and the desired result. Disadvantages of this treatment are that the end result is disorderly and it is not possible to lift the eyelashes from the root to lengthen them visually.

For Lash Lift treatment, special silicone rods are used that are available in different sizes and are selected according to the length of the eyelashes and the desired curl level.

It is very easy to apply eyelashes to the silicone rods evenly. Eyelashes are fixed to the rod using a weak adhesive and this ensures a beautiful and even result. Lash Lift treatment lifts eyelashes from the root, elongates them visually and they keep the curved shape for weeks.

For eyelash lamination, nourishing cream-mask Lami Super Booster is used. It contains argan oil and different vitamins. It is used applied after the eyelash dyeing step to nourish, improve and stimulate the growth of eyelashes and give them a fuller and darker look, similar to wearing mascara.

Lash Lift treatment is becoming more and more popular and is a sought for treatment in beauty salons all over the world.

How long do the lash lift and brow lamination results last?

Lash lift and brow lamination results last from 6-8 weeks. Individual eyelashes and eyebrow hairs are constantly at different growth stages and get renewed daily – we lose up to 4 eyelashes per day on average. When time passes, the results of lash lift and brow lamination will become more uneven due to new, untreated hairs replacing the treated ones. When the eyelashes or eyebrows start to become visually very uneven, we recommend to repeat the treatment, but not more frequently than once in four weeks.

When should lash lift or brow lamination treatments be avoided?

Lash lift or brow lamination treatment should be avoided in following cases as it can make the symptoms worse: eye diseases, allergies, skin rashes and flakiness, undiagnosed bumps in the eye area.

Can pregnant or breastfeeding mothers get a lash lift or brow lamination treatment?

Currently there are no studies about if and how lash lift or brow lamination treatments could affect a growing fetus or a baby that is still being breastfed. We advise that pregnant or breastfeeding mothers consult with their doctor before getting cosmetic treatments done.

Can mascara be used after the lash lift treatment?

Yes, it can. However, for the first 24 hours after the treatment, we advise to avoid usage of mascara.

How often should the lash lift and brow lamination treatment be repeated?

Lash lift and brow lamination results will look nice up to 6-8 weeks. We do not recommend repeating the treatment more often than once every 4 weeks.

How can the lash lift results be maintained?

The mascara effect of lash lift lamination, can be maintained at home with the help of Nutrilash eyelash serum. This product is very similar to our lamination cream that is used to laminate the eyelashes at the end of the lash lift treatment. It tones and strengthens the eyelashes and promotes their growth. Nutrilash comes in a very handy, mascara-like container. Application is very easy, it’s small enough to be kept it in a purse so that you can apply it whenever needed.

Can Lami Super Booster products cause allergies?

Sensitivity to certain substances is highly individual. As with the eyelash extensions or even hair dyes, also lash lift and brow lamination products can cause allergies in rare instances. In order to avoid an allergic reaction, we recommend carrying out a patch test at least 24 hours before the treatment.

Patch test should be carried out by taking a small amount of product and applying it to the inner part of the arm or behind the ear. It should not be washed off during those 24 hours. All the products used in the lash lift or brow lamination treatment should be included in the test and the area where each product was applied should be documented. If during those 24 hours there’s any redness, irritation or itchiness, it is a sign of sensitivity to the product and we recommend to avoid the treatment.

Why should I prefer Lash Super Booster products to other Lash Lift brands?

Lash Super Booster products are produced and thoroughly tested in Europe and follow all the EU safety and hygiene standards. Our products are not tested on animals (they are tested on humans) – we consider this very important.

Lash Super Booster products are precisely measured and packaged into single-use sachets. This guarantees maximum level of hygiene during the Lash Lift treatment and chemical stability of the product, not to mention a long shelf life. Our products are of highest quality yet sold at a reasonable price.

Lash Super Booster was the first lamination product ever to be produced as a cream-mask. Our products have received lots of praise from eyelash technicians all over the world.

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