Lash & Brow Cleansing Foam


  • Delicate cleansing foam
  • 50ml

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Elevate your lash and brow care routine with Lami Super Booster Lash & Brow Cleansing Foam. Crafted with precision, this foam is your secret to voluminous, beautifully separated eyelashes and eyelash extensions.

Enriched with the harmonious blend of calendula and sodium bicarbonate, it works its magic without weakening the adhesive bond of your eyelash extensions. Non-greasy, non-irritating, and exclusively for external use, our foam efficiently sweeps away all traces of dirt and grease from eyelashes, eyebrows, and eyelids.

Say goodbye to potential bacteria breeding grounds and hello to the clean, radiant eyelashes you deserve. Experience the difference with our delicate Lash & Brow Cleansing Foam today.