With brow lamination you can shape eyebrows in the right direction, visually lift the eyebrow arch. Hide gaps and create impression of thicker eyebrows.
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Brow lamination taking beauty industry by storm

Could brow lamination – the newest beauty craze, be something for you or your clients?

The over plucked eyebrow fashion is out and is predicted to be out for a long time. Unfortunately, many people are unable to grow their eyebrows into a lush shape as sported by supermodels and actresses. The reasons behind it could be over plucking them in the past, age, illness or something else.

Many are also struggling with unruly eyebrows that do not hold their shape well and each eyebrow hair looking in a different direction. Sometimes people who are tired of managing their eyebrows resort to microblading. However, you can fix all these eyebrow issues with a new trendy beauty treatment loved by Hollywood stars – brow lamination.

Eyebrow lamination is a good alternative to microblading, but it is also perfect in combination with it. In the latter case, you should get the brow lamination treatment first and microblading at least 2 days later. 

For unruly eyebrows that hold into different directions, the brow lamination procedure will help to shape them in the right direction, soften and smooth over the eyebrow hair, and also visually lift the eyebrow arch. When you use a correct technique that is taught at a brow lamination training course, you can also hide gaps and create the impression of thicker eyebrows or extend them sideways.

So, what is this treatment like?

Eyebrow lamination takes 45-60 minutes and the result lasts up to 2 months.

When correct technique is used, after this treatment the eyebrow hair is more upright and separated, smooth and shiny – as if the eyebrows are covered with gel. During the treatment the eyebrows are also laminated with keratin that encourages eyebrow growth. Thanks to this, the eyebrows will become thicker after 2-3 treatments.

Kristina Põldsaar, who has tried eyebrow lamination, describes the experience as following: “Eyebrow lamination made my eyes pop and even the taxi driver who took me home after the treatment complimented my eyebrows. After just an hour of treatment, my eyebrows that I had plucked thin over the years, became fluffy, beautiful and healthy. What I liked the most about brow lamination is that with the right care, the eyebrows will grow to be more fluffy.”

The procedure itself is similar to a Lash Lift – first the eyebrows are combed up or into the desired position using glue and a Y comb. Then they are covered with perming lotion that breaks down the disulfide bonds. This allows the eyebrows to be reshaped. Eyebrows are then combed up and given the shape they need to stay in.

A fixing lotion is applied that fixes eyebrows into the shape they’ve been given. As these two steps are quite drying, eyebrows are finally treated with a lamination cream that nourishes and moisturises them. We recommend to tint the eyebrows before the lamination step , because the perming lotion turns eyebrows a couple of tones lighter. It is often wise to thread and/or wax the excess and, if necessary, trim the eyebrows after the treatment to achieve the perfect shape.

Brow lamination with Lami Super Booster products, step by step

We have developed Lami Super Booster Lash Lift lotions to work perfectly for both Lash Lift and eyebrow lamination. In order to perform the brow lamination treatment with them, you just need to follow these instructions:

  • Remove the makeup and any excess dirt/sebum with Lami Super Booster gentle makeup remover.
  • Apply Lash Lift Prep on the eyebrows with a sponge applicator.
  • Apply glue on eyebrows one sector at the time, and use the Y comb to comb the eyebrows into the desired position. It is also possible to shape the eyebrows with no glue whatsoever and many advanced brow specialists opt for that. You just need to make sure the eyebrows stay in the position.
Y comb is a useful tool for both Lash Lift and brow lamination treartments.
Using the Y comb and glue to shape the eyebrows
  • Apply Lami Super Booster perming lotion, step 1.
  • Cover eyebrows with cling film in order to maintain their shape better. Lami Super Booster lotions do not require extra heat for the process, so cling film is there only to help keep the shape better. It is not a mandatory part and advanced brow specialists often carry out the treatment with no cling film.
Cling film will help to fix the eyebrows into shape during the eyebrow lamination treatment.
Covering the eyebrows with cling film during brow lamination treatment to maintain their shape
  • Keep the perming lotion on eyebrows for 10 minutes or in case of coarse thick hair, up to 12 minutes.
  • Remove cling film and clean the eyebrows with a dry cotton swab.
  • If needed, add some more glue and comb the eyebrows into correct shape again with the Y comb.
  • Apply Lami Super Booster eyelash fixing lotion, step 2.
  • Cover the eyebrows with cling film again in order to maintain their shape better.
  • Keep the fixing lotion on eyebrows for 10 minutes.
  • Remove cling film and clean the eyebrows with a dry cotton swab.
  • Cover the eyebrows with tint and on top of it, immediately apply Lami Super Booster eyelash lamination cream.
  • Keep it on the eyebrows for 5-7 minutes, then clean with a dry cotton swab.
  • If you do not wish to create an intense tone, you should keep tinting and lamination separate: first tint the eyebrows and keep it on for the recommended time. After removing the tint, apply Lami Super Booster lamination cream and keep it on the eyebrows for 5-10 minutes, then remove with a dry cotton swab.
  • Remove all the glue residue from the skin with Lash Super Booster gentle makeup remover.
  • Trim the eyebrows in order to get the desired shape.

The treatment is done!

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