DIY makeup remover with natural components

How to make your own make-up remover

Making your own make-up remover is very simple, in fact there are numerous recipes that can be experimented with by alternating easily available ingredients such as olive oil, aloe vera, argan oil, jojoba oil, chamomile or rose water.

The gentle aloe vera make-up remover is really therapeutic for the skin of the face, because it has extraordinary soothing, healing, remineralising, emollient and anti-aging properties. To make this make-up remover, mix 25 ml of aloe gel with 50 ml of cold-pressed sweet almond oil. The mixture can be stored in a previously sterilised glass bottle.

DIY makeup remover with natural components

In this case the product consists of an oily and an aqueous part which together serve to completely dissolve even the most stubborn and waterproof make-up. For the oily part you can choose olive oil, jojoba or argan, while for the aqueous part simple natural water may be enough, but if you want it to be more luxurious, we suggest rose or sage water or an infusion of chamomile that is renowned by its soothing properties. As for the choice of the bottle, we recommend using one in dark glass to preserve the components in the best way.

If, on the other hand, you prefer a less dense make-up remover and with all the properties of a micellar water, we have the right recipe for you. In this case, add a spoonful of preferably organic mild shampoo and distilled water to the aloe vera gel. The solution should be kept in a pump bottle away from sources of heat and light, even if it is not essential to keep it in the refrigerator. For a version more similar to a cleansing milk, just mix a vegetable oil with coconut milk with chamomile and an essential oil of your choice.