Lash Lift treatment

Lash Lift treatment

Lash Lift is an upgraded version of the lash perm treatment. Lash perm was introduced to the beauty industry already in the early 2000’s.

During the lash perm treatment, special lash rollers are used. Their size is chosen based on the length of the eyelashes and the desired result. Disadvantage of this treatment is that the end result is uneven and it is not possible to lift the eyelashes from the root to lengthen them visually.

Special silicone shield pads are used in Lash Lift treatment, that are available in different sizes and are selected according to the length of the eyelashes and the desired curl level.

It is very easy to apply eyelashes on the shield pads evenly. Eyelashes are fixed to the shield using a water-soluble adhesive and this ensures a beautiful and even result. Lash Lift treatment lifts eyelashes from the root, elongates them visually and eyelashes keep the curved shape for weeks.

At the end of the Lash Lift procedure a nourishing cream-mask by Lami Super Booster is used for eyelash lamination. It contains argan oil, amino acids, keratin, jojoba oil and vitamins. It nourishes, improves and stimulates the growth of eyelashes and gives them a fuller and darker look, similar to wearing mascara.

Lash Lift treatment is becoming more and more popular and is a sought for treatment in beauty salons all over the world.