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Eyelash/Eyebrow Perming Lotion, 10 pack (10ml)


  • Contains 10 single-use sachets
  • STEP 1 in Lash Lift treatment
  • Developing time 7-12 min
  • Easy to use due to creamy texture
  • Made in the EU


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How to use Lash Super Booster perming lotion: Apply eyelash perming lotion after lifting eyelashes on a Lash Lift shield. Spread the lotion on the eyelashes evenly using a disposable brush. Start from the outer corner of the eye and cover the eyelashes up to the bottom edge of the Lash Lift shield. Do not apply the lotion on the tips of the eyelashes! Keep it on the eyelashes for:

  • approximately 7-8 minutes on thin eyelashes
  • 10 minutes on medium/thick eyelashes
  • 12 minutes on very thick eyelashes

Remove with a dry cotton swab. To perform the Lash Lift treatment correctly and safely, use this product only with other Lash Super Booster products!

NB! Lash Super Booster eyelash perming lotion is made for professional use only. All the Lash Super Booster products are made in the EU and safe to use.

We suggest to perform a patch test at least 24 hours prior the treatment to make sure the client is not allergic to any ingredients. Warning: avoid direct contact with eyes.

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Additional information

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